Tuesday, February 15, 2005

All good things...

.... come to an end, and some come before you expect it.

That seemed to be my Valentine's day. Work definately sucked, but when I got home I had a candle lite dinner waiting for me that Chuck had cooked. Then I went to my room to take off my coat and saw the bed covered in rose petals and 18 roses. The meal was great, probably the biggest peice of steak I have ever seen. Then after dinner we got ready to go out and do a little shopping. Had a really good time with that as well. I bought him a dress shirt (a bright blue one he's been wanting for awhile), and he got me a shirt as well. Besides that I also got him a dozen roses, a huge ass ballon in the shape of a heart saying Happy Valentines Day, and one of the biggest boxes of Godiva Truffles they make.

Everything was really nice. We then got back and watched the movie The Forgotten, which wasn't to bad. Made Chuck and I jump a few times. Then it was about 1am, time for bed (least for me). And this is where the good thing ended. Instead of topping off the evening and spending my last awake moments with me, he goes off to the computer and chats with friends. Ugh, was I upset! The day that is suppose to be special suddenly doesn't feel special at all. I confronted him about it in the middle of the night (once he got in bed at around 3am). He didn't say much except that he did talk about me to the guy he was talking to online. So, being the nosy bitch that I am I read the logs this morning of the chat conversation. There really wasn't anything about me in it at all *sigh*. There was just what I got him for V day, and then some talk about my dick. Great, not one mention of how he enjoyed himself that day with me.

Maybe one day I'll get the whole Valentine's day experience full of romance. Hell, you all know my ex Kevin and his V-day gifts were things like a body fat analyzer. How romantic is that?! Least Chuck got off to a great start, but then like I said, it lost that special feeling.

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive about things, but I really wish there would have been something in that conversation about how he enjoyed it. But maybe he didn't and I'm asking for to much. Maybe that is why he took off to the computer instead of being with me.

Honestly, sometimes I wish computers never exsisted.