Tuesday, February 01, 2005

2 interesting/different conversations

G: maybe im too picky?
CuteYoBoy: well.... here is what I say about that....
CuteYoBoy: I seriously don't think many people out there are picky enough. That may sound bad, but I also think that is why relationships don't last long.
CuteYoBoy: They jump in with their heart, without taking the bigger picture in
G: naw sounds right to me
G: i used to belike that when i was younger
G: alot younger

CuteYoBoy: And at first everything is like heaven, but then they learn the little things that you are probably trying to find out before hand
CuteYoBoy: and that's when things go down the hill
G: yeah
G: they should take the time to get to know someone first
CuteYoBoy: yeah, and that doesn't happen that often it seems
G: yeah i know
G: unless they re for real
G: ya know

CuteYoBoy: and it's hard to find someone like that
CuteYoBoy: most guys online paint a picture that you want to hear
G: exactly
G: yesssssss
G: fuckers
G: lol
CuteYoBoy: lol
CuteYoBoy: they hear you say "Well I like it when a guy does this...." and suddenly guess what, they do it! Least in their mind they do.
G: yeah

c: I've never taken a shit
c: turned around and gazed longinly into the toilet bowl
c: and thopught "Wow, that's hot"

CuteYoBoy: LOL!!!!!
CuteYoBoy: Hey, I sometimes turn around and say "Wow, that's big"
c: yeah, me too
CuteYoBoy: I wonder how such a big turd can come out of me
c: and then wonder why anal sex hurts sometimes
c: when turds are usually bigger than the dicks we take