Friday, February 25, 2005

Romper Room

Hey guys.

Anybody out there remember the show Romper Room? And when they would form a big worm and walk around the room? LOL I don't know why but that popped into my head.

Anyways, got another offer to what sounds like would be porn of some kind by e-mail... the first e-mail was this: got a good look and good package from what ive seen in your pix.. wassup in DC? Hit me back Id like to discuss some work with you


Well, I wrote him back asking what kind of work was he talking about and where he saw my pics. I mean it seemed pretty obvious what it could be but hell, I've had an offer (which I accepted) to take my picture for a liquor ad (for Aftershock). Well this was the e-mail back, he was nice about it... I'm just sure he wasn't talking about club gigs or post cards when he was writing it:

sup billy

your pix were orig. seen on skaterboyz i believe.. a friend sent em to me cuz they had your email on em and you're local.

profile says you're 30..if that's correct you need to be thankin your momma cause you
don't look your age at all.

work wise it all depends on what you down for.. we do everything from posters, postcards, calendars, club gigs, magazine shit, ads... all da way up to solo and interactive flicks.

i dont know your deal..what youre into..what youre about..yada yada... all i know is how
your built, how your face looks, and how your hung.. you might want to feel me in on da rest.

and where in dc u from?


Hey, maybe if they are paying enough I might consider, since it sounds like Chuck has no problems with it ;)