Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Ring, the bed, and Disney OH MY!

The week of gifts it should have been called... Chuck gave me an engagement ring this past week. Boy is it bling bling too.. diamonds and white gold.. it looks great on my finger ;) It brought back memories of when I gave him a ring. He went to the same store that I got his ring at. So now I got something to show peeps that I'm a taken guy now.

When I found out I was getting a ring (I found out before he gave it to me) I really was left speechless. It wasn't a bad speechless.. it was one of pure enjoyment and happiness. He has never given a ring to anyone before, so I know it meant a lot to give that to me. I love him so much.... and I hurt at the thought of losing him ever. I hope we are together forever.

Speaking of speechless.... we were offered a choice and believe it or not, it's a tough one to make... I talked about a bed in the last post. Well we were given a choice of begin given the bed as a gift (the whole bedroom suite)... or a Disney Cruise for 4 nights. This is actually really hard to make. The bed was abosufuckinglutly amazing... I wish I had pics of it to show you guys. I imagine going to bed each night would feel like going to sleep in the White House. It's that beautiful. What makes this decision hard for my mind to select is because the bed will last us a long time and it's something that we'll use for many years to come and love and make love in. The Disney Cruise only lasts 5 days... but will give us some memories that should last a lifetime. The negative about the Disney Cruise (and you know how much I love Disney), is that I feel like we may feel a little ackward on a family cruise. You know.. kids running around... and 2 gay guys that some parents might not feel comfortable with? Who knows.. I really don't know how gay friendly a Disney Cruise is.

Tonight I almost think that maybe the cruise isn't such a great idea. I thought about telling the person that is giving us this gift and choice to maybe accept another alternative. Maybe a trip around Europe... or maybe a all paid expenses vacation in Mass. so that Chuck and I could get married there. And then there is the beautiful bed again... how I would love to sleep on that bed at night.

I need some guidance or sign to tell me which choice is the right one! Who would have thought that a gift could be so hard to think about.. the possiblities are all great, it just which one should we choose!?


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