Monday, May 23, 2005


I was reading an article on MSN this morning about cheaters. It was kinda interesting, although I wonder if the facts presented were just a little over board. For instance...

"90% of the women in chat rooms are in relationships and looking for someone to cheat with"

Doesn't that number sound really high? I mean, maybe it is true. I know a ton of gay guys who are in relationships and still looking for sex with others. And most of them are hiding it from their S.O.

"If you already suspect that your partner is cheating, and he or she asks for more space, this is not a good sign—'space' is likely a euphemism for 'space away from you so I can see who else is out there.' "

Now this I believe in. A few of my past relationships have ended with the "I need some space" and I found out later that they were also looking for someone else. Also with me. I have used this excuse when I was thinking something wasn't right here, so maybe I should keep my options open for something better to come along. Something that feels right.

"They tend to leave you out of things"

Now this I wonder about sometimes. You know, the times the BF or GF just want to go out with others. Well the article states that to much of this isn't a good sign at all. Of course people should have space. But when every week someone is looking for something to do with others without you they suggest become suspicious.

Anyways, hopefully none of my readers are being cheated on. If they are, I'll come kick some ass ;)