Sunday, October 16, 2005


Hey, I'm starting to feel better *knocks on wood*, although when it rains it pours right? My main computer hard drive crashed on Friday night. I've spent most of the weekend bringing everything back up to speed on a new one. It's slowly but surely getting there. While I was at it I started fiddling with that new Windows I was telling you about a few posts back, it's super fast (much faster then XP), looks cooler, and has many little cool new features that I can't wait until the real deal is out and they have drivers to support it. I got everything on my computer to work under the new OS but my TV card. So when ever I feel like watching TV I have to load up my Media Center Windows. Here are a couple screen shots for the curious.... and yes the new internet explorer has tabs, it's about time... the recycle bin fills up as you throw shit out, and there are tons of visual effects that makes you feel like it's trying to show off. And last but not least, the games have been extremely updated :)