Thursday, September 15, 2005


I got a few e-mails from people wondering what that last post was about. Honestly you don't need to know the details... BUT some of you were curious about it so I will state that it was about my sex life. Also it was insinuated that I had a big dick.

I don't think people that are just starting to be my friends need to know those details about me. Like I said, if it comes out in time after I know the person then that is different. But you know how gay guys can be, once you say something like that it's hard not to think about it if you have a sexually active mind. And I don't want this guy thinking about me sexually. I'm trying to be his friend, not his lover. LOL Once we know each other I feel different about this because then I know we can maybe tease about it or gossip about it.... but in the beginning it's a little different, least for me.

Tune in next week as a post a picture of it for everyone to see :-P *kidding* Of course you already know those pictures do exist, but Chuck has authority on those ;)