Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What happened to 'wild Billy'?

Hey all - hope all is well with you guys. Sorry I haven't blogged that much the past few days. Don't you hate it when you wish you could blog about something, but it would probably dig a hole for you… so you let it go? That's the way I'm feeling right now.

Basically without giving away details on the main topic of the situation and trying to make the hole a shallow one - I'm trying to make friends with someone local, whom I think at this point I'm going to stop doing that so I don't get in the middle of shit…. But something personal was said to this almost friend (lets just say it deals with my body among other things) and I really didn't want someone I'm trying to become friends with to know about that. At least not at this point.

Do any of you think it takes time with someone before you can become "gurlfriends" and learn about them before they would get personal details from you and you can gossip about things of that nature? Or do you just jump right on in with someone you don't really know and spill it? I almost have the feeling this person is going to look at me differently because they know these details now and it puts me in an awkward situation.

Anyways, what I think I'm gonna do is just move on.

What happened to the wild Billy you may ask that would spill it all and show and tell all?? I guess I have grown up. Maybe I should start telling and showing you private things, hell I would get better readership if I did! ;) It's all a mix in my mind. I feel like if I take that route then that just makes me look trashy. I know I have been trashy and personal at times on this blog, but I also want to try to get people to view me as a person and not something else.

I'll get hell for this blog, but I'm at the point where I'm about to say fuck it all.