Friday, September 30, 2005

Little engine that could

I remember being small and having my favorites... One of my past blogs tells how I wouldn't date a guy who doesn't know who the Smurfs were. It's strange I know, but me and a friend of mine have this theory that anybody who doesn't know who they are wouldn't relate to our generation and that we shouldn't date them.

My coworkers and I were talking about our favorite things growing up, and some of them were kind of cool to remember. For instance, one of my favorite books that I had was "The Little Engine That Could". I used to love to watch "The Smurfs" and "Threes Company". My favorite car that I really wanted to have when I grew up was either a Mustang or Firebird with leather interior (yeah I was into leather way back then, lol). I had my favorite slippers that were shaped like Pooh Bear. And the thing I probably ate the most when I was young was hot dogs.

My favorite games to play was Candyland and Clue and the card game called War. Favorite drink was Strawberry Quick (which I nicknamed "Rabbits!"). Yeah, I would go to my mom and say "Mom, can I have some Rabbits?", and of course she knew exactly what I was talking about... oh, and I had problems saying the word "yellow". It's funny, I can say that word fine now, but you know the word that still gets me everytime? "Signal", I say "Single" instead, I actually have to think about the word before it comes out "signal". LOL

What were some of your favorite things growing up?