Tuesday, September 27, 2005

*Big Smiles*

I really want to thank you guys for the comments and e-mails you left both with my blog and with Chuck directly. That was sweet of you all and made me very happy.

I had a wonderful time at the beach with my mom and sister. My mom spent way to much money on us, and even though that was really nice of her what made it special was the company I spent it with. I bought way to much at the outlets... clothes, gadgets, etc.... Lots of bling bling ;)

My new computer at work died already. I came back from my trip and started to boot up my computer when I got a blue screen of death stating the boot drive was inaccessible. I had the thing for 2 weeks and the hard drive totally fried. There went all my work which I'm gonna have a hard time replacing. A few reports on that old drive are gonna take weeks to replicate :( What I did was move everything from my old computer to the new, then delete the files from my old computer at work. So now there is no record of any of my files I need and use daily. But part of me doesn't care because I've had a pretty good week, and an awesome vacation.

Also my home computer is getting an update... I'm very lucky to get a copy of Windows Vista. The next version of Windows XP. It's installing right now and looks fuckin cool! Maybe I'll write a little about it once I get it working. I know some of you are probably anti Microsoft, but if you have done any research on this latest Windows you'll know that it's been said it's much faster then Windows XP, and a lot more stable. Plus it's much more showy if you want it to be (3D effects and transitions). Everything has a much updated, modern (not candy coated like XP) looks. I haven't had any major problems with XP, in fact I've left my computer on at months at a time without rebooting or encountering an error. Now if only my work computers were as good, lol. We shall see how Vista holds up. But from what I've read about it, I'm impressed.

Until next time :-P