Monday, October 03, 2005

Captain Caveman!

I loved the comments on that last post. Bought back even more memories reading your favorite little things you enjoyed as a kid. Loved Robotech, The Transformers, Captain Caveman, Duck Tales (this was ranked very high in the shows I would watch everyday when I came home from school).... and yes... I had a secret love for the Easy Bake Oven.

My friend (girl) had one back in the day and we would play house. I'll never forget the time we played that she was bringing home the money, and I had to cook before she got home (basically I was mister mom)... I was thinking in my head "Yes! Finually get some Easy Bake time!" ;)

Now you would think that just by this little tidbit of information I should have known I was gay at that age... but the thought never really crossed my mind. The only thing I kept on thinking was how fun it was to use, and getting the chance to eat some fresh baked cookies and brownies.