Friday, October 07, 2005


I think someone prayed for rain just a little to hard here. The next several days we are supposed to get bombarded with it. We haven't had a good rain in months, so we need it. But it's odd that they are calling for 3-6 inches of rain the next few days.... couldn't he have spread it out a little better? ;)

My car, which is normally pretty good in the rain was sliding this morning. I think it's because of all the crap built up on the road. I'm sure there are oils and shit on the roadway and when it rains like this it just makes the pavement slippery.

This may sound weird, but something I sorta miss is Florida's rain. It only lasts for 15 minutes, and happens several times a day. I have some great memories walking around Disney World with my family and it would start pouring, but none of us cared and continued to walk in it without umbrellas or jackets. I think we didn't care because we were having such a great time it just didn't phase us as an issue. Plus it felt good from the heat.

Oddly enough it is one of my favorite memories. We were all just walking with smiles on our faces, enjoying each other's company, and having a great time with nothing bringing us down.