Thursday, June 09, 2005

Spencer, Scott, Rob, Steve, Ethan and Mark.. the New New testament

Lately I've been reading a lot of blogs. Some new, some old. And while I gotta express I don't know Mark personally, I've always enjoyed his comments he leaves on my blog. Actually not to sound like I'm favoring anybody here, I love everyone's comments. I can always count on one being left by a few of you (Spencer, Scott, Rob, Steve, Ethan....and the list goes one and on) and I enjoy that.

So with some free time I read Mark's past blogs and came to one of the first ones where he introduces his partner. All I could say as I read it all was "AWWWWWWWWWW". I wanna wish you both luck, and wish all my readers happiness like this... read a clip:

I met my partner Joe (that's his real name - not Howard - but thanks for playing
along Michael) in the summer of 1996 and we have been together since. We are
very much a 'together' couple; we do everything together. We go to the grocery
store together, we go to family and office functions together, etc. We don't
have 'my friends' and 'his friends' - we have 'our friends'. But it's that way
because we like it that way, not because we're trying to fit into some
conventional design of what an ideal couple should be. Despite the way it might
look, we are not trying to mirror married straight couples. We're just living
our lives together as we feel comfortable. And even though we are not legally
married, we very much FEEL married and committed to each other.

You can check out Mark's blog here. Great posts... read movie reviews, you find out how he is a Dominant ;), and how he protects the vows of Valentine's Day.

And as for the many other blogs that I have listed, I hope to get to you all soon enough. You all do an amazing job and have me entertained. And that's the point right? Well, at least part of it. I think another part of blogging which I know you all know I do this.. is venting.

Now if only some of you *hint hint* (there is more then one of you out there reading this right now without a picture) would put a picture up so that we could see the person behind the posts... not that I want to see you :-P .... but it's more like curiosity because I feel like I know everything about you all... and yet have no face to put it to.