Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bathroom peep show

Yes I'm one of those people that has problems using urinals. So I usually try to get a toilet stall whenever possible. Anyways I was sitting on the toilet doing my business and noticed that the person next to me isn't feeling to well. You can hear the moans and noises being made that just didn't sound pretty.

First off, I hate being in this situation... I mean I feel bad for the person yet in a way I feel like laughing. On a positive note the person kept on flushing their toilet which made it easy for me to push with all my might and get out of there as fast as possible without anybody hearing me.

As I was getting ready to leave I heard.. "Oh no, that's the end of the toilet paper!" Boy do I know what that is like, we all do... so I tossed under the stall the extra roll that seemed to be in mine over to him. I heard a "Thanks!" and right as I was getting up to leave and pull up my pants I see these eyes pearing at me from above over the stall wall. I about jumped a mile! He politely said "You must have been sent from the gods. Thanks."

"You're welcome" I replied... but thought in my head 'I wonder what crack he is on'. You don't just go pearing over a stall like that in a business work place. I mean I'm used to it in gay clubs, but not here. ;)

Although looking back on it I was happy I could help him out, since I know being without TP can be an awful feeling when you really need some. One of the worst in my mind.