Thursday, June 02, 2005

QaF and comment

Ok, from one of the comments on the past post I have to comment back and wonder...

"It would be like a Brian/Justin (from QaF) relationship, where sex itself is allowed, but only a one-fuck policy. The cock may go wherever it wants to, but the heart should stay at home."

Sorry Kiksta, while you have your opinion on it, I gotta wonder if this is healthy in more ways then one. First you gotta think about diseases and such when you fuck around. Also don't you think it'll hurt your pride some if your partner can't find satisfaction in what you give him only?

I know I may lose some people in this post because I'm not a fan of this type of thinking. I'm also not a fan of QaF. Just because it happens on a TV show doesn't make it a good thing. Honestly I think QaF while it may be a big hit, it protrays gay people in a negative light. Makes us all look like whores or something and that we can only really associate with other gay people. My ex Dre and my hubby Chuck both like the show a lot, so I gotta watch what I say about it. But I will say of the many episodes I have seen, I have yet to watch one without naked people having sex in it. Now how come I can watch all the years of Seinfeld/Star Treks/_______ (insert name here) and never see naked people having sex on that? I know I shouldn't compare those shows, they really are different. But I'm just saying I really wish they would stop being so fucking obsessed with fucking, and actually throw in some good plots! Are they really that lazy not to think of things to take up those minutes otherwise? I mean does someone sit there and say... "George we got 5 minutes to fill, lets play a random song and show them dance at a club half naked to appeal towards gay men... that should waste a few minutes... OH and put in a sex scene in there. Great, now we have a full episode worth".

Ok, now back to Kiksta for a second. Kik I ain't trying to preach to you really.. I just wanted to speak my mind on this in general. I really feel that having open relationships like that isn't good for the mind or the body. Sure you may get 2 hours or more of great sex with someone new and different.. but the outcome isn't really all that great if you look at the big picture. Why do that to your partner? The one person who wants to stay by you till the end... but nah.. it's ok to fuck around on him, cuze he'll always be there. Honestly I think in the long run he won't be there. Who wants to be in a relationship where their partner says, "I want to have sex with other people". Isn't that a low blow? Isn't that just like saying "You are not enough to satisfy me." Sex for me at least isn't something you share with everyone, but should be between someone you LOVE... and with one fucks while you get your nut off, I just don't think it's nessecary to share that with everyone in your neighborhood. It's one thing that should be special, shouldn't it?

Who knows, maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree here, maybe I'm to old fashioned... maybe I just grew up...