Saturday, January 22, 2005

Addictive personalities

Some people are just addicted to certain things and have an addictive personality. Some to porn, some to smoking, some to drugs, some to eating, some to masturbation, some to video games, some to chatting ... etc...

I was thinking for people that are addicted to something, what is the best way for them to stop being addicted to it, or can they ever stop?

I remember a psych teacher once told me the best way for someone to ween themselves off something it to try to stay away from it. For instance, if you masturbate constantly and have an addiction to porn, you would get rid of it and stop searching for it.

Addiction is definately hooked to pleasure, as was tested in a study done on rats back in the 70's. A group of scientists did an experiment with rats where they plugged electrodes into their heads and wired them to a lever the rat could push. When the rat pushed it, it triggered the pleasure center. They wanted to see how far the rats would go for this trigger. They'd cross electric grating and all sorts of weird shit.

There was a group that could either push the lever for pleasure, or the lever for food, they starved to death because they wouldn't let off the pleasure lever. Addiction is caused by an uncontrolable desire to have that center activated. It brings pleasure.

I guess in this case you gotta find other ways to find pleasure. Addiction is definately interesting though. It's just kinda sad when someone relies on something so much, that they are just drawn to it in that way all the time.

I know people who when they first get up in the morning before they even get ready go, go to to chat. Just getting off on the pleasure of hearing someone say they are hot. It makes there day. And while I guess this isn't all that bad it's just weird to hear that you must rely on something else to give you that pleasure. And you can't find happiness and pleasure from within.