Sunday, January 09, 2005

The end must be near

Chuck was standing behind me and got this look on his face, sorta like the 'haha, something just made my day' look. Next thing you know I feel him pulling through my hair like my old bird used to do (I had a bird that would go into people's heads and try to make nests out of there hair).

"AH HA! I found one"

"One what?"

"A grey hair!"

My first grey hair. UGH!!!

I thought I was gonna look rather young forever ;) But I guess God has other plans for me.

This just was the icing on the cake for a rather low key morning. Nothing really seems to be going my way lately. But you know what? While I am bothered by this I still have hope that something will work out the way it should. No more worries or compliants, no more stresses or what if's... something at some point has got to go smooth and easy, right?

And if not damnit, I'm moving to Florida and starting a new life ;)