Friday, January 07, 2005

If I did drag

Glad today is friday. Had a somewhat rough week earlier, but the past day or so has been nice. I can't believe this warm weather we are having.

Cmd0: Lol I think if I EVER did drag, I would do an opera
Cmd0: :-D
CuteYoBoy: wow, you mean those big puffy dresses and victorian style makeup?
Cmd0: lol I don't know about all that
Cmd0: I don't know what I'd wear
Cmd0: lol I just know what I would choose to sing
CuteYoBoy: which would be?
Cmd0: something opera
Cmd0: I dunno
Cmd0: maybe Carmen
Cmd0: and I'd wear a sexy red dress
CuteYoBoy: haha, cool
CuteYoBoy: I think I would try to be Alanis if I did it
Cmd0: lol aren't you kind of umm, big?
CuteYoBoy: yeah, to tall to really turn into a female... and certain things would be hard to hide
Cmd0: lol I'm taller than you
Cmd0: you'd look like a freaking lesbian, which is sort of redundant don't you think?
Cmd0: I mean if your a guy trying to dress as a woman you might as well look like a REAL woman
CuteYoBoy: I have this wig that I bought for a halloween costume that was supposed to be a pimp daddy from Jamaca... and I look like Alanis in that
Cmd0: lol
Cmd0: a white pimp daddy from Jamaca
Cmd0: hmm
CuteYoBoy: haha, well I'm not completely white
Cmd0: you sure as hell don't look jamacan
Cmd0: you don't even look like you could be from an Island
CuteYoBoy: LOL
CuteYoBoy: not even Fire Island?
Cmd0: LOL
Cmd0: well maybe there