Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Something to think about

CuteYoBoy: Do people kiss in heaven?
CuteYoBoy: I thought like sex would be out of the question there
Cmd0: lol, I dunno
Cmd0: you know it would be so funny if your allowed to do all the things in heaven that your not supposed to do on earth
Cmd0: jesus smoking marijuana
Cmd0: LMAO
Cmd0: and mary in a swingers party
Cmd0: that would be sooo funny


CuteYoBoy: I'll probably get the left over cloud.. the cherynoble one
Cmd0: naa
Cmd0: that would be like a hyped up cloud
Cmd0: or souped up rather?
CuteYoBoy: lol, pimped out
Cmd0: you wouldn't need headlights!
CuteYoBoy: LMAO
CuteYoBoy: I would glow in the dark
CuteYoBoy: I would stick out in a crowd
Cmd0: I dunno, you suppose your soul is suseptible to radiation?
Cmd0: suceptible
Cmd0: can be exposed to!
CuteYoBoy: maybe not... hmmm... something else to think about. I would guess not though
CuteYoBoy: But hey...
CuteYoBoy: then why worry about hell?
CuteYoBoy: Wouldn't your soul be suceptible to like heat and fire
CuteYoBoy: so maybe it is
Cmd0: hmm
Cmd0: I think heaven and hell are human concepts
CuteYoBoy: sounds like a good science paper
Cmd0: and they're existences aren't something we can comprehend
Cmd0: so we're given something we can comprehend
Cmd0: and it just so happens to be fire and brimstone
CuteYoBoy: is brimstone really all of that?
Cmd0: I mean lets face it eternity is a long time
Cmd0: and after a few hundred years
Cmd0: you would be like oh it's not hot in here anymore
CuteYoBoy: Brimstone would get pretty boring to look at all the time
Cmd0: and the stench, you don't notice it
Cmd0: and lets also look at this, eternity anywhere is a LONG freaking time
Cmd0: so even heaven could be hell
CuteYoBoy: LOL
Cmd0: I dunno about hell though, I think if the christian community is right, and all gay men, notice women are saved so we're only men going to hell, go to hell
Cmd0: everyday there would be drama
Cmd0: hell it would be like an atlantis cruise
Cmd0: hot weather
Cmd0: sweaty men
Cmd0: lol
Cmd0: and all the drama you could eat
Cmd0: so hell would be nothing more than eternity on a gay cruise line
CuteYoBoy: LOL
Cmd0: by the end of it all, we'd all probably be pretty slutty

And on a side note I just found out someone found my blog using the search term "Pixar Porn". Can you imagine if Pixar did porn?