Thursday, January 13, 2005

More interesting nonsense

Boy I'm on a roll in blogging lately. Don't get to used to it though ;)

So I got the tree out of the apartment, just a few thousand needles I had to pick up. But being the man that I am, I tackled it like a pro ;)

It was like a Friends/Seinfeld episode cuze I made a huge mess in the hallway outside the apartment and see if I'm cleaning that shit up... lol. I know, I should.. but the cleaning people come once a week. A week of it won't bother people to much. I had the run the tree out and do it quietly and on the down low because I didn't want my neighbors to come camplaining to me to clean up the mess out there. I've seen and smelled much worst things in
that hall before.

Someone asked me recently what I was. I'm actually half Latin, half German. What a crazy mix. Might as well shoot yourself now if you were dating me. I have passion, but then I also get angry and think about world domination ;) And to top it off, I switch like a bi boy seeing a huge dick. Meaning I'm a Gemini, so my moods come and go.

Oh, in case you were wondering Chuck and I didn't get our picture together in front if the tree. I did take some pictures of the tree itself, but we couldn't find anybody to take our picture together in front of it :( We don't have any pictures of us together. We really need to change this sooner or later. We each have many pictures of the other alone.. I have my work and home desk with several of his pictures on each. But none together. Part of this is probably my doing to though. I have cameras all over. I have like three digital cameras. Two I carry with me everywhere I go. But I tend to look AWFUL in pictures of me when someone else is shooting the pictures. Like my eyes looked all drugged up or closed or something. I make stupid expressions. Only when I take the pictures do I know exactly when to look cool and keep my eyes open. Plus being honest I take like 100 pics before I'm satisfied with like 5 of them, LOL.

I saw this car license plate this morning say "PRNC LVR". I can understand liking/loving his music, but I find him to be weird otherwise. She could have meant something else by it, but I'm guessing from the purple suit jacket she was wearing it probably meant the artist formally known as Prince.