Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Some random things

The Queeries! Go cast your vote on the hottest gay porn stars, the queer of the year, etc...

I just found out about these because a friends blog is actually nominated as best gay blog of the year. Guess that is a top honor or something ;)

Oh, and boy am I clueless! When looking at those nominations under "Gay Man of the Year" and there I saw Anderson Cooper, I 'bout fell off my chair! I guess I'm the only gay guy out there who doesn't read the news that often or keep in touch with his gay affairs because this just shocked me. I mean, my gaydar did kinda go off on him, but he really is!! I think that is pretty cool.

Well I stayed home from work due to a headache and getting shit done around the apartment. I'm now waiting for my roommate to leave so that I can take the Christmas tree down without any one witnessing what a fool I look like when I get pinched by needles to death.