Thursday, January 20, 2005


Do you ever wonder why life brings you to a certain point?

Look back and think damn, so that is why that happened?

Life is full of mysteries, and lately I've been thinking about it all. Also wonder why things happen in the first place.

Take for example Chuck and I... Chuck wrote me a message one day on . I'm guessing he saw my picture under one of his friends and he clicked on it to find out more. Who knows though, because I never did ask him how he came upon my picture on there. But I'd be curious to hear his full story on it. It may not be all that exciting to him, but hey... it's a part of how we met and our history.

Anyways, he wrote me a simple yet really cute message saying "Woof Billy, WOOF!". What made him write me? Did he want to meet me? Did he just want to say I was hot? I wonder because he usually doesn't date or go for guys so far away from where he lives. So I'm gonna guess yet again that maybe he just wanted someone to talk to and tell me I looked good.

So it's funny how life put us two together. Who knows what is down the line for us. Guess that is something we'll both find out. What I want is a home in the suburbs with him, kids, pets, I cut the grass, and most importantly to watch reality TV and cuddle with him *KIDDING.... sorta ;) * I want to grow old with him and make so many great memories and stories to tell our family, friends, and kids that they'll be saying "Shut up already!" ;) See the world with him, or even just our backyard... did I say cuddling? Ok, I admit, I'm missing him big time right now, and could definately use a cuddle.

But we could go down that dark path and realize it just ain't gonna work out. Maybe even turn out to hate each other. Who knows?

Do you really think we can push destiny into a new tomorrow? I hope so. Because boy do I want him with me.