Monday, January 23, 2006

Food Lion isn't dirty

Found this kind of interesting on a Dataline article I was reading on MSN....

From the supermarket chain that kept things cleanest, to
the one with the poorest performance in our survey, here’s Dateline’s
"Supermarkets Sweep." This is a list where nobody wants to be number one. (From
the fewest violations to the most):

10) Food Lion. The grocery chain
that did best in our survey? Food Lion. For every 10 inspections, it averaged 8
critical violations: that’s less than one violation per inspection.

Wal-Mart and Save-a-Lot. Not far behind we had two chains tied for ninth place?
Wal-Mart and Save-a-lot. Over 10 inspections both averaged 9 critical

7) Costco and Sam's Club. Tied for seventh place, Costco and
Sam’s Club. Both averaged 12 critical violations — that means a little more than
one violation for each inspection.

5) Winn-Dixie. Next, as we go from
fewest violations to the most, at number five is Winn-Dixie. For every 10
inspections, the chain had 14 critical violations and the stores received most
of their citations for storing toxic chemicals such as cleaning supplies near

4) Kroger. With even more problems, at number four, Kroger— they
an average 17 critical violations.

3) Publix, on average, had 22
critical violations. Dateline visited two stores in Florida and found flies
crawling over the fruits and vegetables. But according to inspectors, the most
frequent problem for the chain was the way it stored toxic chemicals.

Albertsons. For every 10 inspections, 24 critical violations. And a lot were for
improperly stored toxic chemicals.

1) Safeway. Finally, in the spot no
store wants to be number one in Dateline’s “Supermarket Sweep?” Safeway.

Losts of mumbojumbo in that list, but finding Food Lion to be at the top surprised me. I shop there sometimes and never found mine to be dirty or clean.... just somewhere in between. And our Safeway here looks like Mister clean went on speed and decided to spring clean the store. I mean it's super clean.