Tuesday, January 10, 2006

LOGO - Open Bar

I was watching this show called Open Bar on the LOGO channel (the gay and lesbian channel on cable) and saw something that really touched me. This guy on there met up with an ex of his that he still really had feelings for. The ex wanted to go out partying and they went to a gay strip club. At the club the stripper started flirting with the ex BF first. And the ex was all up into it, totally making out with the stripper. When the stripper moved to the main character the guy just kinda ignored the stripper. The stripper asked "Are you shy?" and the guy responded "No, I'm being smart".

With that the stripper walked away. And for that moment I was like shit, there are decent guys out there. The guy even though it was an outting with an ex didn't feel the need to do that. He still had feelings for the ex and it showed that any guy in front of him didn't compare to the guy he was with. And also he was thinking about his well being and health as well. Of course he did make his ex feel pretty shitty because after saying a comment like that he made it look like his ex was being stupid. But that wasn't what was intended.

So, on another subject... I'm doing good. Had a past few good days with not much to worry about with work. Things are finually starting to return to normal and I can breathe again :) Now I feel the need to get in touch with all of those people I used to talk to and find out how they are all doing. Kevin, Dre, Rachel, Chris.... some of my dear friends whom I lost contact with due to the overload of the end of year crap we do at work. And get back on track with you guys as well.