Thursday, January 19, 2006

It is spelled that way! And yes they are stuffed.

Brokeback mountain is spelled with 2 c's thank you very much (from my pervious post) ! ;) I noticed the past few days that my spelling and grammar have gone out the window. Today at work I received an e-mail from an employee responding to a question I wrote him. Since I receive and answer a few hundred e-mails a day for work I had to reread my e-mail to him to find out what he was talking about and jog my memory.

In that moment I saw the worst e-mail I could have possibly written. It had so many mistakes! I bet the person thinks I'm foreign. I was shocked the person made sense of it and responded without saying anything.

Also at work we have a new employee in our department coming soon. I'm no longer the only male :( I'll miss that. But I wonder how much of a guy this person is... he has a few boxes in his cube that he brought over before hand and my manager saw something fluffy coming out of them. She was curious and opened it up. Turns out they are full of stuffed animals. Looks like we have another fairy onboard , lol. He won't start work until February, but I know the stuffed animals have everyone curious what this guy could be like.