Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Holidays

Hey gang,

Just wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays. I'm sure I'll write more soon. All in all I had a pretty good Christmas this year. I heard from past friends Rachel and David which I wasn't really expecting as well. So that was kinda nice. David sent me 2 cd's of music that he thought I would enjoy (this is one of my buds from Washington state). Chuck got kinda jealous by that cause I think he reads into it by what he thinks is some random guy sending me music. But it isn't that case at all and I hope he realises that at some point. But thanks David for getting me in trouble *kidding*. As some of you guys know I'm really into music. And in fact in the next few posts I'm going to post the first composition I had ever composed. It's simple and lacks a lot, but hey it means a lot to me. You have to think for someone that had very little training in piano (about a few months worth) and creating a peice of music, it isn't to bad. I recorded it and a few other songs for my mom and sister as bonus Christmas gifts. I'm sure that it meant a lot to them as my mom started to cry as she received that gift. She loves my piano playing and it brings back some great memories for her. She even had the piano tuned so that I could play this Christmas for her.

So before blabbling even more thank you guys for a nice year all around and may you and yours have a Happy Holiday season.


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