Monday, December 12, 2005

I'm alive


Sorry I haven't updated in what seems like forever. Especially after that depressing last post. I'm currently doing ok and thought I would write a quick post to let everyone know. I didn't really touch my computer at all this weekend (except for some ideas for christmas and to catch up on Lost ). It's my new favorite.

But I've been avoiding the computer since I use it all day here at work and sometimes the evenings at home for work. I've been spending some time getting some relief with a new piano keyboard I bought. I had a keyboard before that only had 61 keys. I would bitch each time I played it because me being so into piano in the past I've learned to play some very complicated peices. And 61 keys just doesn't cut it at all for those songs. I felt cramped and upset that I couldn't play any major peice without changing it around because of the lack of keys. So now I have a new one that definately is a major leap ahead in both keys and sound. It sounds like a grand piano no doubt. I thought about maybe if and when I find more time recording a short peice for you to hear me play.

I also got a free upgraded cell phone from Verizon with there "new ever 2". They upgrade your cell phone every 2 years for free. I got a sweet new model that has tons of features. I'm enjoying that and now I just have to program all my old phone numbers into the new phone. And customize it some with pictures and sounds.

Not much else to say because I really should be working on work at this moment... :-P

I hope to be back in the swing of things on here soon.