Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Brokebacck Mountain??

So how good is this movie? I have yet to see it, but everyday I hear more and more in the news about it. It's on DGA & SAG's list of top movies of the year, Roeper and Ebert top ten movies of the year, Writers' & Producers' guilds top 5 movie lists of the year, Seven golden globe nominations, talks of possible Oscar nominations... pratically on every critics list imaginable.

So is it that good? Is it a must see? We nearly went to see this last week, but instead picked Munich. I have to say Munich was an ok movie, tough at times to watch... and other times slowed down to a crawl. Even though I said it was ok, it's not one I would enjoy to see again. The timing (3 hour movie) for what you can sum up in about 5 minutes in plot kind of gets old after the first 2 hours.