Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Waves of time"

That was the name of a musical I wrote in college for my minor in music studies (which maybe one day I'll post some more about it). And boy am I going through a wave right now. Honestly I feel like my life means very little lately. BTW, happy belated Thanksgiving. I thought with 5 days off of work I would be all better and revived. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I had free time to play my xbox 360, which BTW is fucking awesome! If any of you use xbox live you can add me as cuteyoboy as a friend. I also had time to start watching this show that everyone I talk with has recommended called "LOST". I didn't realize how good this show was going to be. From the first episode I was majorly hooked. I'm still in season 1 (bout 3/4's through it) so no spoilers if any of you watch it! But I can see why it is one of the top shows on TV right now. The writing and acting are excellent and I heard it only gets better in season 2. It's definately my new favorite and probably all time favorite show. I'm surprised I waited this long to discover something so cool. For any of you who haven't seen it, watch the first episode. You'll either love it or hate it I'm sure.

Otherwise I'm depressed because while Chuck and I had much time together in the same apartment, we literally hardly saw each other at all. He's been to busy with work and playing quizzes online and games. I hate to say it, but I wish his computer would just crash. He spends so much time on that thing and I feel neglected. I understand if he's busy with work, but it's much harder seeing him choose to spend alone time in his room playing or watching TV when I'm just feet away. I mean come on, whats a few minutes spending with me gonna hurt him any? Apparently it will because it seems he is pulling teeth making excuses why he can't spend a few minutes in his day for me. Our relationship is going down hill and I'm scared it's gonna end. I've made this clear to him several times, so now I'm just hoping it sinks in that he could lose me. Maybe that is what he wants... I pray it isn't.

So yeah kids... I'm hear and yet another downhill roller coaster ride has hit me. I don't feel like doing shit anymore and that has shown with this blog. I do want to thank those who have tried to keep in touch. Dre, don't worry.. I got your voice mail and I'll be responding at some point. Same with you Maria... I'll get back to you with all the questions you have here soon. Kevin, Happy Thanksgiving... Chris, I'm sorry I haven't kept in better touch, I hope you are having fun where you moved to and Happy Thanksgiving to you too. And to all the others whom I met online thanks for your kind words. Hopefully this is a good Holiday season for you all.