Monday, January 02, 2006

Piano and other crap

Sup yo? ;) Here is that first piano piece I composed about a few months into my training with it in high school. It's simple and you can tell it's from a beginner although it is much more complicated then the average "Mary had a little lamb". I advanced way faster then anyone else in my class. While most of the students at the end of the term were working on "When the Saints go marching in", I was already doing the entire "Fur Elise" which to this day few people play all of it or even know there is more to it then just the first few bars.

Waves of time (part 1) by me (I revisited this piece in college when I was required to write a musical which I called "Waves of time" were I wrote approximately 40+ songs for my project for music theory). This was recorded on the new keyboard right before Christmas for my mom whom I made a CD full of me playing the piano of her.

On a more random note Chuck used a few of my hangers for his clothes and bought me new ones.... when I looked at them I had to look twice because on the label it says "Easy to clean!" Why on earth would they be so excited (yellow bolded lettering) for plastic hangers to be easy to clean is beyond me.

I had a good couple of holidays but I'm ready to get back into the daily swing of things. I hope you all had a good one as well. I'll write more very soon.