Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Opposites Attract

Now how many of you saw that title and thought of Paula Abdul? Well sometimes it doesn't all just work out like the song implies. I'll admit on this post you'll see my evil and picky side.

Let me give you a little back ground. Chuck hates movies. He tells me this often. His excuse is "I can't handle them because they are so long and drawn out"... and then usually adds "You alway watch those sappy/corny movies anyways". The last movie we went to see together was Munich which wasn't that long ago. But guess who's idea it was to see that movie? His. And guess what... that movie was over 3 hours! It wasn't sappy or corny though. So that was in his favor. But before Munich we haven't been to the movies in god knows how long.

Now I'm the opposite. I LOVE movies. I have a huge collection of them at home and would watch a lot more if I didn't compromise. Now that's the key word people... Compromise. I often throw on the History Channel and Discovery Channel just so Chuck can enjoy his TV. Now here is when things start bothering me....

Last night there wasn't much on at the time so Chuck puts on "Latter Days" on LOGO. It's a gay movie, and parts of it are extremely sappy/corny. Everytime I have a movie that I put on Chuck leaves the room without fail. So I decide hey, it's what he does best... so I leave the room. Inside I'm thinking, hey wait a second. Here he is watching a movie and it's a long one and sappy and corny. Maybe the excuse he is giving me is a bunch of bull. He does like sappy, hell he complains when I don't send him e-mails with songs in them.

Anyways I feel kinda pissed at this point. Because this brings up a sour note with us. I LOVE "Finding Nemo". When I bring up this movie or any Pixar movie to Chuck and say I want to see it he says "Finding Nemo is a kids movie, it's not for adults!". So he refuses to watch it. Several times I have wanted to watch it or Toy Story, and he just always says he'll never watch a film like that. Now to all of you guys out there who have seen this movie can state otherwise. In fact, I could probably find in a minute a 100 people (ADULTS) online that love this movie. Hell, it made critics top lists everywhere... and I know I can pull up most of those critics saying this movie isn't just for kids.

So back to the main story, I went to the bedroom and watched something different. He comes in later and I know he is a little upset that I left... Good! He does that to me every single time. Now he knows how it should feel some what. And why on earth can't he compromise with me on this? I mean I've been doing it for a long ass time now with him with his History and Discovery Channel things. He can't seem to give any movie a chance. He goes into it with a negative feeling, and almost refuses to let that feeling go. So even though he could have enjoyed a movie, he didn't because "It's a movie". "Or it's a kids movie".. etc. I have heard come out of his mouth "I will not enjoy Finding Nemo", HE HASN'T SEEN IT YET! How can you say something like that? Just because you may not like Bambi, doesn't mean every "kids" movie as he puts it will be one he won't like.

Anyways, I'm done venting... lets hope he'll open up his mind and compromise every now and then.