Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kathy, Martha, and Tommy oh my!

I just don't know people. I'm a sucker for reality TV (I know I probably shouldn't be admitting that), but I think things are starting to get out of control. I was excited to hear Kathy Griffin was coming out with a new reality TV show, she is one of my favorite comedians. Martha Stewart is also hopping on board... she looks like she could be a major bitch. Who would have thought the lady that helps us dress up a holiday table be an evil bitch that goes for the kill. Then I just saw last night Tommy Lee is coming out with a show as well. Wonder if it'll be anything like the porn video he did with Pamela.

On a really random note, I have been listening to the top 100 hits of 1988 and 1989. One of the songs that came on was by Milli Vanilli... I wonder where they are at today. For some reason my mind has been all over the place.. the weirdest thought came into my head. The song was "Blame it on the Rain" and if you listen to it you hear these choir type back up singers in the song. I wonder about those singers. Did they know those guys were fakes? Did they put on there resumes they sung backup for Milli Vanilli? Were they proud of that song and thought everything was real until the news came out and now they don't talk about it... blocked it out of mind? lol