Sunday, June 26, 2005

Tell me on a Sunday

Had a pretty bad morning and been kinda depressed lately. Work and other things have really almost bitch slapped me, and my esteem is low. To be a gemini tho at this moment I'm feeling better. I took 2 Excedin and they have kicked in. Yesterday the bed came and the poor delivery guys... it's so much bigger then I remember! When they first put it together in the spot I picked for it, the bedroom door wouldn't close... then they couldn't put the metal canopy on top because of the gay track lighting in my room would be in the way. I told them after they were here for over 2 hours trying to get it to work in the room that I would figure something out later. They left and my hell began. The bed in my mind must weigh close to 1000 pounds I'm guessing. It's solid as fuck. And here I am taking it apart to try to move it around. Oh, and to make matters worst the dresser (which is 6 drawers) doesn't come apart. The drawers are stuck in it. So it must weigh a shit load. My room was a mess and nothing seemed to be fitting at all anymore. After about 3 hours at this point (and about 7 hours of physical none stop labor early prepping the room) and a loss of 90% of my water weight I got the room managable, and afterwards some of the worst pain I have ever had on my back. I was stiff as a board yesterday. I can move about ok today, although a few hours again I had a sharp pain and suddenly thought to myself 'I hope I'm not having a heart attack!'. So I took some pills and now they have kicked in.

After all the hard work it has paid off. The room looks amazing. Without a doubt one of the nicest bedrooms I have ever stepped foot into. I'm proud and it looks like a room out of MTV's Cribs. I can't wait to have company over to show it off.

This morning I lost a piece of my heart but I'm not gonna talk about it here. I'm depressed and trying to forget so that I can move on. I hope tomorrow is a new and better day.

I need to find a hobby so that I can focus on other things and get out. Maybe go and take pictures of the mountains.. play piano (keyboard at the apartment, but I have a piano waiting at my mom's for when we move to a more permanant location). Pianos are a bitch to move.. not sure if the bed is worst or not, LOL.

I'm random right now... I'll post some pics really soon of the new room. I took them tonight, but I'm being lazy about uploading them :-P