Thursday, June 23, 2005

Birthday Love

I had a nice birthday weekend. I was sorta hush hush about things because it's the big 3 1 . Took 2 days off of work so I had a 4 day weekend, and Chuck and I hung out together. It was really nice, but I gotta say I'm having a really hard time with this I love you thing. I said it the other day and apparently I said it again a few minutes later and Chuck came out with "Billy, you just said it 5 minutes ago!". I was kinda hurt by that. But he was right. I'm having a hard time remembering not to say it as much.

I read all of your comments (I couldn't believe how many I got on that post!), and all of them I took in. I hope Chuck isn't falling out of love with me, or feel uncomfortable when I say it. I'm guessing I just start getting on his nerves that I say it so often. Doesn't that sound weird though? I mean I know guys out there who would love to hear those words with meaning behind them, and here my BF tells me I'm saying it to much. I'm often tempted to use Spencer's question "You don't like hearing that from me?".. but I know him well enough to know his reaction would be "You just say it all the time..."

I'm having a shitty day at work. My group got yelled at for failing an audit. The sad part about it is that none of it is our fault. If we were told to do things correctly the first time around none of this would have happened and we wouldn't have failed. Basically we were told to do things one way, and not until very recently we were told that it was the wrong way to do it. So I feel the blaim should not be put on us. My manager even had the nerve to say "This is going to hurt your next performance apprasels". I almost wish that I could go to someone and let them know that we are getting screwed for something that was beyond our control.

Luckily the weekend is almost here. We should get the bed this weekend too (hopefully). But with the way my luck has been lately I'll probably get screwed some how there too.

At least I had a great past weekend and some wonderful memories to last a lifetime. Hope life is going well for you all out there in cyberland.