Monday, April 18, 2005

Back in time

Not much going on with me these past few days. I've been starting to get in that mood for change. I got my hair cut, got my ears pierced again (I took out my earrings for a job interview about a year and a half ago). Funny thing is, when I went to get them pierced the lady asked if I wanted the holes where the old ones were... apparently while I thought it was just a mark on my skin she said my ears were still pretty much pierced. I thought this was kinda odd, but she showed me that they never sealed up completely.

The odd thing about it is that when I get cut, I usually heal really fast. I stop bleeding almost immediately. And the cut is gone in a few days (in most cases). I do have this one cut on my leg that just won't disappear.

Once I was wearing a fake hoop earring that actually "hugs" my nose for a Halloween costume. I went to sleep at my friend Lara's house that night and in the morning woke up next to Kevin (my BF at the time) and he looked at me funny and said "Oh my God Billy, your nose is pierced!". The earring that was hugging my nose could actually be twisted all the way around. I guess during my drunken sleep I somehow pierced my nose, LOL. I don't have a mark from that though.

I nearly put it on last night for Chuck to see. It hugs your nose, lip, belly botton, etc.. It looks just like you got it pierced. I wanted to trick him, but he got home pretty late and I was to tired to do it. And I wasn't gonna sleep with the damn thing again! ;) Hmmm, but maybe I would look good with one of those pierced ;)

Also I'm starting to work out on a regular basis again.... and I'm seeing little differences. I wanna have a killer body, but who knows how long I'll stick with this. My body isn't bad, but I want one of those bodies where you can see some big muscle definition.

I feel like with all of these changes I'm going back in time. Maybe I'm going through some mid life crisis yo!

aLl i GotZ tO saY YO is PEacE OuTTT! :-P