Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Can you feel the love tonight?

This was the most played song on US radio and TV in 1994.

Just one of the MANY fun facts you can find out about TONS of songs at a very cool and interesting website... www.songfacts.com

If you are bored and have some time, you should take a peek at it. It's got everything from today's music, classics like Come on Eileen by the Dexy's Midnight Runners to the Penis Song by Monty Python ;)

And some of the facts are really weird... For instance.. Beautiful by Christina Aguilera has this as one of the facts..

Before recording the song, Aguilera and Linda Perry (song writer who is gay) talked, and Christina recalled suffering physical abuse at the hands of her father. Apparently, she began to cry and asked for the session to be abandoned, but Perry thought it was the perfect opportunity to record the song. She told Q magazine: "I know it sounds ghoulish, and she didn't think she could do it, but I made her do the song in tears."