Monday, April 04, 2005


I think I'm PMS'ing today. I feel fine, and in general I'm in a good mood. But little things are really ticking me off.

Today I snapped at 2 people. My coworker Steve came outside with us all to smoke a cigerette, and everytime he comes out the whole conversation is always "ME ME ME, and MY WORK, blah blah blah"... so I said Steve, can you see out of those glasses because there are other people here who would like to talk and don't think you are God's gift to the planet.

Then a friend online also kinda got on my last nerve. I'm sorry to say he is the type of person, while he is nice... everything must be his way or it's crap. If you have a PC (not a Mac) you own crap... if you have an SUV, you are stupid and have crap... if you don't like a movie that he likes... you have become crap and have no taste. I'm sure I'm exaggerating it some, but I still feel like everything he likes is what God wanted, and if you don't like what he likes, you are going to hell.

So I PMS'd on his ass too.

On a side note, I saw what the new Madden game should look like on the XBOX 2 (AKA XBOX Next). Looks exciting! My xbox fried due to that recall they are having on them. It started sparking and then went dead. My nephews are leading me theres for a few months until I can save up and get another. I'm excited about that :) Here is a screen shot that Activision released: