Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The most exciting thing that happens at my job is when the vending machine keeps a snack from falling, and we hear someone trying to bang it around. Or when someone gets into an argument with their loved ones... now that's excitement! ;)

I have a pretty boring job. Lately they decided to give me more work, so I really haven't had much free time to write on the blog. Hopefully you all are well out there since I also haven't had much time lately to look at everyone else's blog.

On the way home from work I saw this Mustang pulled over on the side of the road yesterday by 4 cop SUV's. Not just cop cars, but all of them were SUV's which I thought was strange. I wonder what in the hell did they do to get pulled over by that many police. Must be drugs or dangerous driving speeds or something. Still the SUV part didn't make much sense. The car looked pimped out, and had 2 teenage boys that looked thugish in it... so of course your mind would probably think fast car or drugs.

Not to much going on in my life. Had a rough past few days but it's looking like things might get better. I think sometimes maybe I concern myself with to much. There is family, friends, love, drugs, and stress all knocking at my door with concerns... Maybe I shouldn't answer it and let them find the neighbors ;) I hope in this roller coaster of life I start going up a big hill and get stuck at the top.

Kinda reminds me when I went to King's Dominian and was about to ride the "Flight of fear" roller coaster. It's one of those roller coasters that shoots you off from 0-60 in 4 seconds. Well for some reason the coaster malfuntioned with the train that was right before the one we were supposed to get on. We heard screams coming out of the tunnel and people yelling "We're stuck" among other 4 letter words. Turns out the roller coaster got stuck upside down in the loop inside the building. I'm glad I wasn't on the train. They made us leave the building while I guess somehow they got the people off.

Makes me think of another time I was at Disney and something bad happened on a ride. I'll save that story for another day I think.