Monday, April 11, 2005


Cuteyoboy: I was gonna write about my experience at Michael's (Nursery and Craft place) the other day, maybe in the next blog. For some odd reason I had 3 people come up to me while I was picking out flowers and things, ask me where things were or some sort... they all thought I worked there!! LOL
Pup: haha
Cuteyoboy: I was like, what makes me look like I would work here
Pup: you must have been giving off gay vibes
Cuteyoboy: Then a lady asked me my opinion on some greenery... and when I told her my opinion she was like, Thanks for all your help, and ends up buying exactly what I suggested....
Pup: you lil home designer you
Cuteyoboy: later when I went to check out, she was at the register, and the cash register girl said cash or credit... and the lady said check... and the girl behind the counter rolled her eyes.... little did I know it takes forever to write a check in that store. The sad thing is they asked the lady for a second form of ID... and the lady pulls out her check card with her picture on it. I was thinking, why didn't you use that in the first place.
Pup: haha