Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Crazy weather

This is some of the strangest weather I have ever seen.

Yesterday it was 71 degrees outside, sunny, just perfect... Today, it's currectly 26 degrees and snowing like a blizzard outside. The weather says it dropped 20 degrees in 1 hour. You would think since it was so warm yesterday that it wouldn't stick or do much, but it's now sticking to the roads and I just saw a guy scrape off ice from his car.

I'm not much for winter at all. When it comes to the cold weather I just prefer to stay indoors away from the cold. I definately become more of a homebody at this point.

In the warmer months I tend to like to get out a little more and enjoy the outdoors and being able to go outside without having to deal with the cold. Plus I just feel like I have more energy or something when it's warmer. Sounds strange I know, and I'm sure it's all mental.