Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Well, I got an e-mail from my friend Wayne. It was one of those e-mails that has about 20 or so questions in it like "What flavor of ice cream do you like?" & "croutons or bacon bits?"... and I told him I would write up my answers on my blog. I thought about it some and I'll debate with the idea for a few... but speaking of questions I had a question that I asked almost everyone I chatted with online today.

The question was like "If you could communicate with one animal, which animal would it be?".

Well, almost every single person gave the smart ass answer of "Humans". No shit Sherlock, besides humans. Guess I wasn't clear enough. Only 1 person gave me the answer of "monkeys" right off the bat. I give them some props for being creative off the bat. After saying to these other people besides humans what would it be. I got pretty much the same answers. Most people said "Dolphins", which was actually my choice as well. One person said "birds" which I thought was an interesting answer as well.

After thinking about this question some I went outside for a cig with my coworkers. We started talking about winning the lotto. My coworkers had some interesting ideas on what they would do with a big amount of money. The first thing that popped into my head is that of course what is mine is also Chuck's. So he would get a big chunk of it, and I would probably spend a fortune on surprises for him. I would put the majority of it into a house and a car for us. The 2 things that tend to make your life a little easier. I wouldn't buy a $200,000 car... I might spend about $40,000-50,000 on one. But no need to go overboard on it. Now with a house, I think I would move back to MD, where Chuck seems to be happier. I don't mind MD at all... and with some money we could get a really nice place there. The cost of living is to high where I'm at now. The only place I might consider buying in the area is a place called "Great Falls". It's so beautiful there and peaceful. You can go out on the rocks near the falls and eat or read a book... It's like a mini Niagara Falls. But property is outrageous there.

Don't get me wrong, I love VA, and I was born in VA, but I did live most of my life in MD. Both places I hold very dear to me because of memories and other things. Both places I feel like I could be happy in. But I gotta think about a future for the both of us, and with Chuck I think MD would be a better choice. Plus most of my family lives in MD.

As for some of the rest, and maybe I blogged about this before (it feels like deshavu, don't you hate that feeling?), I would give to friends and family. Buy them gifts that they need, and maybe give everyone that has touched my heart in some way a $1,000 a piece. That would include some of the dear friends I have made online as well. And Chuck's family... I would want to get his dad something (but I can't talk about that online). And his mom, definitely something special. Maybe pay off their house if we can afford it. I'd even get his grandma some plastic seat covers (inside joke).

As long as I have the necessities covered like car and house, I think I want to spread a little happiness to those that need it in my life.

On a side note I want to thank the people that had concerns about my post the other day and being depressed. I got several e-mails and IM's about that. While I didn't go into details with anyone I appreciate people trying to cheer me up. Today was in a way a harder day for me, but at the same time I am happier. Thank you.