Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Ride with the tide

Ok, while work kicked my ass and I've taken more aspirin then I can count this week and I gotta say I'm feeling much better in knowing that I have the next 4 days off and I get to spend them with Chuck.

This past week was the end of the year "clean up" so to speak at work. Normally I just sit and do my lovely accounting which I am fine with. This week was filing old crap, moving all our 2004 files to our storage room, and boxing and moving our 2003 files offsite. Since I'm the only guy in my direct department and the youngest in the group guess what... I was the one who moved a lot of it. By day 1 I had hands covered in blood from paper cuts from the files. Day 2 I woke up with a back ache that would make child labor seem easy (which is when I started to medicate myself). By day 3, I was begging for a new body and my hands could barely move. So yeah, I'm very happy to get a period where I can forget about that and heal.

I feel bad tho, Chuck had mentioned that he wanted to get a picture of us both in front of our Christmas tree. The one he bought me as a gift. This shocked me since he's Jewish and he seemed to have this very negative feeling towards Christmas as a holiday. And it turns out of course Christmas is my favorite holiday. While I don't blame him at all for having negative thoughts about it (the rushing around, spending money, crowds, and the commercialism of it all) I was happy to see that he cared enough to go out and buy me a real tree for it. That really meant a lot.

Well back to the picture... we were supposed to get a picture in front if it, but I'm going up to his place this weekend instead. So either I'm gonna have to keep the tree up a little longer, or get pictures of the tree without him. I'm gonna try and keep it up and hope it doesn't start looking bad (brown and more needles on the floor then on the tree itself).

He also bought me a much needed gift, a new computer chair. Leather (which of course I have a fetish for) high back exec chair with built in massager. It's nice, and I'm breaking it in nicely.

I got a lot of nice gifts for the holiday. Nothing big, but who needs that? Besides the chair I'm very happy with the buttercream candle I got burning right now... YUMMY!!! I've been burning it every night and got so excited about it I went and bought a cake mix. LOL

Now I just gotta figure out something to get him for his birthday which is coming up in just a few days.

Sometimes I wish I could tap my retirement money and get him something really nice... like that Mercedes he wants so bad. But I know things are still young, and I'll have plenty of time to get him the things he wants. Right now though I don't have that kind of doe just sitting around and I guess I have to become more creative ;)

Well, New Years is on the way, and I wanted to wish you all a safe and happy one. I'm supposed to make a New Years resolution, but haven't decided what exactly it should be yet. I'm sure that'll come in the next post.

And on a side note, why do my ex's Dre and Kevin always call me on the same day. It never fails. I won't hear from them for days... then all of the sudden almost right after the other they call me. I don't mind talking to them at all, in fact I enjoy it. Some of you may think that is weird, but I try to remain friends with my ex's. I've learned a lot from them all and I wouldn't have dated them if I didn't like their company. There is no attraction to them though, once we broke up I lost that. Basically putting an end to that and focusing on a friendship instead. Plus I have no desire to be with anybody. With Chuck in my life he is what I have wanted for a long time. Sure, there may be things that I have been upset with, but you know what... no one is perfect. Myself, I'm far from it. I actually pity Chuck for putting up with my crap. I dish it out which is why both Kevin and Dre left me I'm sure. I mean there are other reasons why my ex's and I didn't work out, but I'm sure that was a factor too. Therapy is a good thing in my case and I kinda miss my doctor right now. He went away for 2 weeks for the holiday on a vacation. Next week I start back up again and I'm sure it'll be a much needed session ;)