Sunday, December 26, 2004

*beep* *beep* again!

Hi, hope you had a better Christmas then I did. Mine started out really good. I got to see my family and loved that, then I went to Chuck's family and loved that too... then Christmas day night (last night) is when things started getting out of control yet again.

Remember that post I did about IM's to phones? If not the summary of that post was that I was tired of people getting IM's to phones at ackward times (while dinner, sleeping, having sex, etc..).

Life seemed to settle down after that post and I didn't seem to really have issues with it until last night. *BEEP *BEEP* *BEEP* (and some really fucked up Atari sounding song starts from Chuck's phone). "Hey baby, you have a message" I tell him... that really didn't bother me. Hell I get messages every now and then....

*BEEP *BEEP* After he checks the 4 message in a row after a minute or two (ok this is starting to get old fast)... 1 or 2 messages and I can see it being fine, but it's annoying as fuck after that. I say if you want to chat that bad, pick up the damn phone and call the person.

Well things get worse... Chuck comes out and says "It's Lyel. He's straight. He's got a hot bod and when he used to come over I would try to get him fucked up to try to get some". *paraphrased*

Well, that's not something you should tell a person like me. You all know how jealous I am, if not then you haven't been paying attention to the posts :-P But damn did this not go over well with me at all. I mean here it's one thing that this person is chatting with my BF (I'm fine with him having friends), but another that Chuck keeps on responding back and he tells me he thinks the guy has a hot bod and wouldn't mind some.

I don't care if the dude is straight at this point. Hell I have even had my share of supposedly straight guys before, that doesn't mean shit!

Ok, so yeah... I'm still annoyed. I don't want to make a big deal about it now (since I already have), but it just didn't feel kosher in my book. I know I should try to not be so jealous, but it's hard when I seem to have a BF that seems to almost thrieve on telling me things to make me jealous. Why can't I find someone that could be more quiet about it? Fine, if you think someone is hot.. that's fine. I don't need to know it! And I don't see why someone would have to tell me that.
And to top it all off after we are in bed for the night guess what happens at 5am in the morning... *FUCKING BEEP *BEEP*... It's that fucking phone again. Another IM. This time though from one of my friends on Chuck's phone. I about lost it. Here I'm trying to sleep and that thing wakes me up, and it's even one of my friends! Boy are they gonna get a lecture out of me! They should know better.

Sorry I'm pissed off about this, but I needed to write and vent. I probably should have just kept it all to myself.