Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bird do do


I'm sick of birds. Last night when I got off work I went to my car (which is my normal spot to park) and noticed my car covered in bird shit. So much in fact that I couldn't get my windows clean without it smearing all over the place. Driving down the back roads around my job on my way home I thought "Shit, I can't drive down the highway like this... it's embarrassing!".

So I went in the direction to the closest gas station. When I pulled in the attendant laughed and said "I doubt our car wash will get all that shit off your car, you may have to do a double on it." I gave a pissed look and he said "Don't worry, I'll come out there and get it off for you". Next thing you know he comes from behind the counter with a sponge and brush and bucket in hand. He tells me to get in the car and get ready for the car wash after he is done. He scrubs my car like crazy and soaps it all up. Then after that he puts in the code into the machine for me and tells me to drive through so that I can now get the machine to wash it as well.

My car was looking like a million dollars after that...

This morning I purposely don't park there thinking if the birds come back I'll have the same problem over again. So I park where no trees are really around. I come out for my lunch and guess what... the crap is back, and even more this time! I swear I had more bird shit on my car then paint!

So I get out my towels and cleaners and start wiping it all off my car. About half an hour later it's lookin pretty good, although not as clean as after the car wash cause some areas just wouldn't stop from smearing the shit. No matter how much cleaning and toweling I did :(

I'm pissed. And when I leave work today, (I moved my car to the center of the lot), it better be clean! At least today when I went out for lunch, the whole row of cars was covered. So I felt a little relief knowing they weren't just targeting my gay ass car.

And I saw the pack of birds that did it too, they are lucky to be alive those bitches!