Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Rock the vote!

CuteYoBoy: There was one lady that brought in her guitar and started singing about Bush and Kerry
SDC: how annoying :-)
CuteYoBoy: it was (cuze she sucked at singing)... but after like 4 songs and hearing her songs lean towards Kerry, the Bush people started bo'ing
CuteYoBoy: and she was asked to stop
SDC: I'm surprised they didn't try and have her arrested as a terrorist
CuteYoBoy: haha
SDC: Only a traitor wouldn't support our Glorious Leader
SDC: or someone with a brain
CuteYoBoy: haha, She was getting people riled (sp) up with the songs, because the Bush people were bo'ing and the Kerry people were like yeah!!... which ofcourse caused tension in the crowd.

I really saw flash backs of like the LA riots starting at this High School. Some of those people looked ready to kill. Voting is some scarey shit! LOL