Sunday, November 28, 2004

Papi Long Shlong

... guess that's my porn name if I were to have one according to Chuck ;)

Had a great weekend with Chuck and a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. I hope all of you did as well.

I went down Thanksgiving day and spent it with my mom, sister, her kids and my step dad. Played some Halo 2 on the xbox with them, talked, sat around the table and ate. Very cool time considering everything in my mom's house was pretty much packed up and ready for her move on Tuesday. They sold their house and are moving this coming week so we ate off of paper plates with plastic forks, etc. But it didn't seem like anything was different really.

As this was my first Thanksgiving with Chuck I thought it might be better to separate and make both of our families happy. While I wasn't with him for the actual meal I did meet him after I was done at my mom's. And we spent all the past 4 days together. He said he was going take me some place special for a short drive when I called him from my mom's which made my family kind of curious as to where we might go.

Well he ended up taking me to Philadelphia. We had an unbelievable time there. I had never really been there before so I was happy to go. We took a carriage tour of the city, covered ourselves with blankets and had the lady tell us about the historic sites we went by. It would have been very romantic had we not picked the carriage that also had a old guy tag along up front that was in training. The main lady operating it was great and if it was only her I probably would have done more in that carriage. But we held hands and enjoyed the ride still. I'm sure Chuck wanted more and I kinda feel bad because I'm not always comfortable in those situations.

We went out that night to 2 gay bars/clubs in Philly. One was called Woody's. I actually really liked this place even if it was for country line dancing. Hell I don't dance anyways so that made things even more entertaining for me. I had this thug boy wink at me and give me a huge smile as I walked by him there at this bar. I didn't tell Chuck then what happened but I did end up telling him later about it. I didn't want any scene in case he got jealous about that. After that point whenever we were in that area I tried to not look in that direction, because I didn't want the boy to think I was flirting back. I'm very happy with whom I'm with and I didn't want 'drama'.

After Woody's we went to the Bike Stop which is a leather bar there. I really liked this little bar too. Philly seems to be less "seedy" then what I'm used to in DC and Balt. While I don't like the thought of moving in any city, if I had enough money I think I wouldn't mind getting away to Philly every now and then.

There was something sorta big that happened last night, but I think for the sake of keeping this blog a little personal and not hurting others I'll just say that I went out last night to Central and some leather club in Baltimore. While I was enjoying Central for the most part when we went to the leather bar I got uncomfortable. Nasty shit was going on under the "boardwalk" they have there.. and 3 guys pinched my ass and looked at me like I'm some piece of meat. While most guys might enjoy this... and I admit I get flattered to a point... I don't like being treated like I'm meat either. When someone looks your body up and down and licks his lips at you and sees you are with another guy I think that is a total turn off. He has no respect for my relationship and must be a whore.

Ok, so maybe that word is harsh. But deep down, don't you think there is some truth to it?

There was more to this story, but again I'll remember this night without writing it down and it's something I'd rather not say to save grace (so to speak) and keep a good friend from getting upset with me.