Friday, December 03, 2004

All are welcome

Well don't you wish that was true?

One of my friends Chris pointed this out to me and it doesn't make any sense at all! There is a new ad campaign being run by the United Church of Christ that shows all people are welcome into their church. Including gay people. Most networks have accepted to run the ad, but CBS & NBC. To me this doesn't make sense because here NBC is fine with airing Will & Grace which is focused around gay people, yet they can't air an ad which just shows 2 same sex people happily taking in worship at a church together.

Apparently Rev. Robert Chase agrees :

"We find it disturbing that the networks in question seem to have no problem exploiting gay persons through mindless comedies or titillating dramas, but when it comes to a church's loving welcome of committed gay couples, that's where they draw the line," says the Rev. Robert Chase, director of the UCC's communication ministry.

If you want to see the ad with some hunky bouncers click HERE