Saturday, August 07, 2004

Out - just out

Went out last night to a club called Apex in DC. Had an alright time. My friend Aaron wanted to go, and we met up with my other friend Bill and his BF.

They all wanted me to dance, but for some reason I just have 2 left feet and didn't. If you remember Elaine's dancing on Seinfeld then thats pretty much like me I believe. So I just kinda stood back and people watched. Bill isn't much of a dancer which helped out some with me not getting bored. I got my fair amount of stares which was cool, and a few guys tried to hit on me. But I believe meeting someone at a bar isn't the ideal place to meet someone. Maybe I'm just being picky. But I'm also content where I'm at, at this moment.

But I did bump into some friends from my old IRC days there. It was nice seeing them again. They really haven't changed all that much. And I love them all because they didn't come close to guessing my age :)

I'll write more later.