Monday, August 02, 2004

If I just breath

It seems that my life as gotten a little busier the past few days. While I did enjoy some hours on Sunday to just breath, most of my weekend was taken up by a birthday party and work that I brought home.

I'm kinda curious (on another note) about my ex Dre and my best friend Maria getting together to make an Amazing Race video to try to be contestants on the show. I think if they can get to do it, it'll be EXTREMELY entertaining for all. Not only is Dre cute and single now (which he'll get a following just for that), but he's also very outspoken and can give someone a "fuck you" whenever they need it ;) He's gay, so sorry girls he doesn't like the tit.

And for Maria, she's a lesbian who can act like a 2 year old and still dress to impress (rare sometimes I know for them) *kidding to all the lesbians out there, I need someone to work on my car* But she has a mouth on her as well... knows many different languages ... I would hate to cross their paths on the show. It could get evil with the both of them (guys I mean it in the best way though!)

So anyways they have to do a video to enter. I heard rumors about them cross dressing. I told Maria that she needs to buy like a ton of ground meat and carry it down the streets of DC on her shoulders (kinda mimicking what they did a few shows back) while dressed up as a drag king. Dre being the girl can fuss about his nails and how they would break if he even tried to help out. Of course he needs those 4 inch press on nails.

I'm sure there could be better ideas for a video out there. I think it would be great to see a lesbian and a gay guy together as a team on the show. Bring a new twist into the game. They can act straight when they need to, but also critique everything in site in that gay way that only we can do. Hey, maybe that should be a part of the video, you know, going around town trying to win the race but then you get lost because someone is looking at all the cute guys going by, while the other is looking and admiring all the cars that go by. And if you guys use any of these ideas in the video, I want HALF of the winnings! ;)

I wish them both luck though. I'm sure getting on that show almost takes a miracle. So I hope someone is looking out for them, because I know that would be like a dream come true for them both.

Oh, and Dre thanks for Castle Grayskull . As a kid growing up I wanted this toy more then anything else. I think my parents thought it was a bit to violent (You know how Heman used his sword on all those bad guys .... hmmmm sounds kinda kinky!) . No wonder I liked Heman so much ;) And he was built like a brick house! But today I met up with Dre so he could give me my birthday gift (one of them) which was that. I can't wait to get home and play! Told you I was a kid.