Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Looks like a shaft!

Amazing race was full of great quotes last night... "Looks like a shaft!" was my personal favorite. Course my mind went dirty on that one. I wish they showed a shaft...

"It's gonna get dark soon!" - What is up with Mirna (from team Tinsy)? She was worried several times about it getting dark. Who the fuck cares. The sun goes down and it's party time in my book ;) "I'm scared!" - also said by Mirna many times during this race. She is making Charla do all the road blocks! What a wimp! I not liking Mirna at all. I want Charla to tell Mirna to "shove it" just once. I guess I shouldn't complain, there was no "Charla help me!" in this episode (loved it when they showed Charla's eyes roll back into her head then saying "Let me do it!" during the meat handling road block).

What is up with the teams this season? They really don't have any motivation for the million. I mean, did you see the short bus crowd all laying around not researching if there was an earlier flight out (except team Tinsy)? That is not smart at all. I think the only 2 teams trying to play it a little smart are the Tinsy's and Colin & Christie (who use the travel agencies and talk to people well in advance). Team Cha Cha Cha did this extremely well a few seasons back. I first thought that Colin & Christie did one stupid thing, use a "fast forward". They were already way ahead of the pack. Now they think they'll be even further ahead because of using it. Don't they watch the show?! Almost every other episode the whole pack of people are all brought back together again due to maybe something being closed or whatever. BUT then I remembered there are only 2 fast forwards this season. And they just used one of them up, making it harder for someone else to catch up or pass them in this part of the game. I bet maybe the next fast forward used will also be by someone who is in the lead. It's ashame the rules have changed on this. I preferred the old way more.

Anyways, I'll write more a little later today. Gotta focus on work for a few.

Quick thing that popped in my mind - why is it so funny when someone falls? On the show people seem to fall because they are in a rush. I remember when they had a detour "Hurl or Ass" on season 3 where teams had to ride a Donkey pulling a cart 7 miles. Heather who was on the cart had the harness break sending her face foward into the ground. I laughed so hard. It seems evil to laugh at, but it's a priceless moment. Another priceless one was this season, where the fat guys (Team Hilter) saw Mirna and Charla's vehicle and yell "Bitch" out the window. Mirna was trying to figure out how the car works and raises her head up clueless, "Who was that?". Team Hilter was also known to say "useless foreigners" (another reason I call them Hitler). They don't realize that some of the people don't speak English where they are at, and immediately they are useless (send them to the camps!). That was wrong, forgive me?

I really don't care much for Team Cosby (the African American couple) and Team Stigmata (the Christians). I miss some of the old teams, they should bring them back for a special season.

Remember Reichen? How could you forget him? ;)